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Retah's Featured Letter
Date:Fri Oct 17 2014   Year: 2004
Life is a Journey

After the wedding we as a family went to Israel and we just returned home.

The wedding was wonderful - On Rosh Hashanah 25 September. The whole day was filled with the presence of YHVH.  Aldo and Chantel were calm and we enjoyed the day together with friends. My mom had a stroke during the service and I could just see how the enemy tried to distract us from the joy and peace of the wedding. But supernaturally the vein that was closed in her neck, made a new path, and she survived the stroke. Her face hung and she was weak, but she stayed till after the wedding. Tinus and friends of ours took her to the Hospital in Pretoria that night where she was monitored for five days. Tinus only came home at 2:30 the next morning. As I was waiting for him YHVH spoke to me ‘Retah, this is a journey of faith and I want you to endure to persevere and to stand steadfast. Life is full of tests, blockages and obstacles, but I am there to take you through it all. I want you to be blameless at My coming. So do not get discouraged, but get encouraged and use every obstacle to come in right standing with me. I AM the One who makes everything holy and whole. I AM the One that puts you together again. I take your spirit, soul and body out of double mindedness into the mind of Christ. I keep you fit for the coming of Yeshua. Yeshua who calls you are completely dependable Retah, if I say I will do it, I will. This marriage of Aldo and Chantel is an example of My faithfulness to you. What I started in all of you, I will finish!”

1 Thes 5:23,24  Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of your lord Jesus Christ . He who calls you is faithful, Who also will do it.


We left for Israel the Monday after the wedding and had such a good time. Tinus and I were confronted with so many emotions as we pushed the wheelchair on the cobbled streets of Jerusalem, up and down the hills – both of us taking turns to push.  No one complained, because the (parent in you), (the love in you), (the never give up in you), (the endure in you), (the persevere in you) all kicked in at once. We wanted him to experience all we do. We took him through Hezekiah’s tunnel, in the dark through the waters. Here we could explain to him that this is the same as our journey. You cannot always see the next step, but we believe! Sometimes your circumstances cause you to bend down and often you have to bend even lower as you can only take little steps through the pressure around you.  And then there are times that you can walk up straight again. It was very quiet in there - dark and alone. But we started singing ‘Hallelujah, Hallelujah’ and we could feel how the peace of Yeshua filled us in the dark tunnels.   


Many people walk with pain in their spirit unaware of the brokenness in their spirit man. It is all because of a wound in the spirit that you feel anger, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness and blame for those around you. Every evening in our home we sit around the table and talk about something that hurt us. It is not always easy for everyone to go to these areas, but as we all go there it makes it so much easier. We decided it was time to deal with our anger about the accident. Tinus told the children how he was stuck for so long in the wound with anger towards those people who did not have lights on their car that night. But, he said “I had to forgive them, because that was what Yeshua asked of me and then I was set free”. I talked about how difficult and painful it was for me to stand besides Aldo’s bed, knowing that I could do nothing for him. Chantel spoke about her pain and anger from experiences in her life and Christo, a friend of Aldo’s, shared about his. Josh just said ‘I missed you all so much during that time, but I am sorry I cannot remember anything else of that night.’ Aldo looked at all of us and said ‘I also blamed, I blamed you Mom.’ (This was not easy to hear, but much healing came thereafter). ‘Mom, I saw the cult curses in you and you just lived in them, totally unaware.

It is okay Aldo, I understand your anger. Let us all pray and ask Holy Spirit to show us the truth and allow Him to go to the wounds to show you my heart today. I repented Aldo, and you are right, it was all curses that caused the accident and yes I did live in a double mind.’

Together we all forgave everyone that has hurt us in life and we took responsibility for our pain.  So day after day we started to go to our pain not as a session, but just informally, as a family. Through this we started to break down some big, big walls in the spirit. The children started to minister to each other. All around the table you could hear conversations such as ‘You have to forgive those children who did this to you, and the other one as well, Are you okay now? How do you feel now? That happened to me too, you know, and I also have to forgive them.  As I sat there I could see how the lies were exposed breaking their hold over us as the pain came to the light. Satan loses his hold on us as we bring the darkness in the pain to the light. There are sometimes vows in the pain, abusive memories and lies. All of these need to be given to Yeshua to be exchanged for the truth.  You will be stuck in a memory (a wound) until it is expressed and exposed. Then Holy Spirit can do the work. I just kept on praying, asking Holy Spirit to show us all the truth, because only the Truth shall set us free.

Then Aldo wrote ‘Wisdom said - In my mind was a seed of bitterness, it is like a fire of anger and blame.’   These things are all cult seeds. We sin when we stay in bitterness and continue to blame others. This creates a double mind and in the double mind the cult seed (666) is planted and starts to grow. The cult is not only in the seed of man, but also in the double mind of man.  Bitterness and hardness of heart causes us to become a cursed, bruised reed.  It has all to do with the deep hurts in the spirit of man. These hurts steal the anointing – the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is a sound mind (777) in and through all circumstances. It is rooted on truth and faith, stable and grounded on YHVH’s righteousness and justice. Do you see how easily we become the harlot bride? By not dealing with your pain you remain double minded, cultivating the seeds of Satan’s nature.  The battle is in the mind, in the emotions, deep into the spirit of man with the plan to give us a hardened heart (crushed reed) with no anointing, bearing no resemblance to Yeshua’s character.

I realized that the cult seed also grows in the heart of man. We have to deal with the beliefs of our hearts. Remember, we give demons strength by what we believe. The word of God says as a man thinks - he is.  Through hidden trauma and pain we become trapped in a victim mentality which keeps us in bondage and prevents us to live in the fullness as YHVH has planned for you.

I prayed for all of us, our minds, and I broke the cult mind curses over our wounds after we repented. And then Aldo wrote ‘The spear has just been taken out of my heart, I forgave you Mom’. This is the plan of the enemy, a double plan! You are to remain angry with someone else, whilst the spear of unforgiveness is killing you from the inside’. The plan of the enemy is always to kill, steal and destroy. To forgive is to have life and life in abundance.

Letter Translation: 

Wisdom said - the 666 cult is in the senses (mind). You are help for senses (Mind).When you blame someone, your heart become a cult hardened heart.

The cult seed is in the mind (when you are double minded). Peacefully you pulled the dagger out when the bitter frank came out of my mind- wound, with repentance.
Mom the cult in my mind is out, my mind is light now. Supernaturally the entire cult is out of my mind, you are a long cult-fighter. Now that the dagger is out, you mom is blame free.
Dagger is out, Aldo feels 100%
Beautiful is your love. The past is out of my wound. Wisdom said, “Now it is only light in your brain. Samuel, will you teach people, that their past pain memories is hate-giant’s house.
The word in my mind is – Be peaceful, and don’t blame your parents, friends, and everyone around you. Take responsibility for your life. Supernaturally did my mom stop the feeding flow from the giant. The raw thoughts are defeated.
Minutes, minutes after she helped me to bring the hell thoughts out of me by speaking my pain, out of my wound – the cult hold breaks in my mind. 

This was a very deep pain of Aldo’s and I praise YHVH that it has come into the light. Now by the blood of Yeshua we are set free. May you always remember that sin produces wounds and wounds are a hiding place for demons. All your pain becomes barriers to keep you from encountering YHVH and his perfect love. Bring your deep pain to the front, and trust Yeshua to bring healing to your life.

Remember it is a journey of holiness.

Love to you,

Retah and family.


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    *Amount is in Dollars. Make sure to specify .00 after your amount to avoid any confusion. Eg: 500.00

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